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[mkgmap-dev] Best practice including SRTM lines

From Frank Fesevur ffes at users.sourceforge.net on Tue May 17 11:47:43 BST 2011


Is there a document that describes how to include strm contour lines
in my Garmin maps? What is the best practice? Normally I generate maps
for The Netherlands, so contour lines are not that important to me.
But this summer we will be going to Austria so I want to include them.

I can use srtm2osm to download the data in .osm-format, but is there a
document describing how I can add them to my Garmin map? Do I need to
create a new family-id?

There are several threads to this list in the archives in Q3 of 2009
about native srtm support. But is this feature described a bit more in
detail? I can't find anything about this in the help.
One of the threads starts at:

Thanks in advance,

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