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[mkgmap-dev] Error on MapSource with r1919

From Peter Lerner peter at lerner.de on Thu May 5 23:08:15 BST 2011

> New patch attached.
> Description: version of mkgmap with patch for header size values.

The whole Europe map still seems to blow some limits.
The osmmap_mdr.img >240 MB seems to be the problem.

try 491520, for mb=493761
try 507904, for mb=493761

try 491520, for mb=493113
try 507904, for mb=493113
  (= 252.469.248 Bytes file size, approx. 240,8 MB)

Somewhere in between is the size mapsource accepts currently for the 

The good news is, I had only to leave out 3-4 tiles from the Europe map.
I.e. we extended the limit a good step! ;-)

I should also mention that the tiles seem to load faster when mapsource 
displays the whole map on startup! I didn't benchmark .. just a feeling.


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