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[mkgmap-dev] Strange behaviour with highway=pedestrain & area=yes

From Josef Latt Josef.Latt at gmx.net on Sun May 1 19:12:58 BST 2011


Am 30.04.2011 08:53, schrieb Josef Latt:
> Hi,
> I tried this to mark those areas in my map (found it on several pages):
> In lines style: highway=pedestrian & area!=yes	[0x0d   level 2]
> In polygons style: highway=pedestrian & area=yes [0x13 level 2]
> Result is,that there is no marked area and the highway itself is not
> drawn with type 0x0d but with 0x03.
> What could be wrong?

The entry 'highway=* in style lines causes this. I chnaged it to
'highway=* & area!=yes'. Now the area is shown.

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