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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] Thin out builtin-tag-list

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Mon Apr 11 21:53:11 BST 2011

Actually, one question related to this patch.

I currently delete all motorcar, motorcycle, emergency, and so on tags 
via the style-file. Could I instead just remove them from the built-in 
tag list and thereby make the map quicker to build?
(I will set new values for them, but would prefer them not to be read in 
at all)

On 11.04.2011 21:41, WanMil wrote:
> I want to remove all tags that are not necessarily needed but are 
> still remaining in the builtin-tag-list.
> From my point of view the following tags can be removed:
> day_off
> day_on
> hour_off
> hour_on
> => They are only used in the RestricationRelation class to warn the 
> user that these tags are not supported.
> addr:phone
> openGeoDB:sort_name
> => they are not referenced by any java class
> natural
> => only accessed by the SeaGenerator and that adds the tag dynamically
> osm:id?
> => It is added by the HighwayHook but does it really exists in the 
> source data?
> barrier
> cycleway
> fixme
> => only accessed by the HighwayHooks and are added dynamically using 
> the attached patch
> WanMil
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