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[mkgmap-dev] Running mkgmap in Eclipse

From MarkS OSM at redcake.co.uk on Wed Mar 23 11:53:50 GMT 2011

On 23/03/2011 10:30, Walter Wright wrote:
> Hi, this is my first foray into looking at the mkgmap code so please
> bear with. I'm trying to run mkgmap in an Eclipse workspace and I've
> downloaded the r1899 source archive as a starting point. I'm getting a
> load of errors, mostly around a number of crosby* libraries missing. Is
> there somewhere I can look to find out what I need to do to pull
> together a working environment?
> Also, is Eclipse a suitable IDE for this? It's what I've been working
> with for the last couple of years so it is comfortably familiar at least.
> Any help appreciated.
> Walter

I don't tend to build my own version much but I have got it to work in 

Last time I built mkgmap (a few months ago) I noted down the steps I had 
taken. I've taken a copy of those steps and put them into the wiki. They 
may help (either directly or as a starting point for somebody to expand 
into a fuller explanation).

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