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[mkgmap-dev] Include the following patches into trunk -- Patch2 - do not merge lines at resolution 24 and 23 if --merge-lines is used

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Mar 1 20:01:12 GMT 2011

On 01.03.2011 20:09, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> merge-lines is as discussed quite problematic, because it happens 
> after the routing notes are placed, and therefore causes some 
> problems. The closer you zoom in, the bigger these problems, while the 
> further you zoom out, the bigger the speed improvement of using this 
> option (at resolution 24 and 23 it makes basically no difference) and 
> the smaller the problems (22 vs 24 means 1/4 of the wrong distance for 
> info popup or jumping map when panning).
> There was a discussion about this - archive here: 
> http://www.mail-archive.com/mkgmap-dev@lists.mkgmap.org.uk/msg07262.html
> This patch is working pretty well and makes --merge-lines usable. I 
> have been using it since back then without any probs. So for as long 
> as merge-lines cannot be implemented before creation of the routing 
> nodes (which according to the discussion is really difficult) this 
> tiny patch is great.
Sorry, above patch misses one line, here we go again (this happened as I 
had several patches against the file and recreated it by hand).

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