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[mkgmap-dev] problem with --generate-sea near Toronto, Canada

From Ben Konrath ben at bagu.org on Tue Feb 1 10:13:33 GMT 2011

Hi Charlie,

> Like Marko, I would much much prefer an add_poi style action than the
> univeral --add-pois-to-areas.


> And finally, and apologies for bleating
> on about this, I would love it if the POI that was added was *always*
> placed inside the area bounds, rather than in the area's
> "centre-of-mass" as currently happens.

That's a sore spot for me too. I started a patch to calculate the
value based on the shape's centroid but the centroid is not always
going to be inside the shape for extremely concave polygons. For
example, I suspect the centroid of Museo Nacional de Costa Rica is not
inside the shape:


There's a trick I could use to nudge the POI into the shape for cases
like this so I might code that up when I can find some time.

There's another problem that needs to be sorted out when using the
driving directions to the POIs. When I'm driving to the big box store
in the suburbs, I don't actually want directions to the building, but
rather directions to the parking lot (car park in the UK terms) of the
building. To solve this I think a new relation type will be needed
where you can relate a parking lot to a building. And then of course
we'll need to support this in mkgmap.

Cheers, Ben

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