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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Tue Jan 18 22:27:39 GMT 2011

El 18/01/11 19:18, Johann Gail escribió:
>> 9 tiles
>> Almost the same results than 1 tile. The first difference found is that
>> there are a lot of missing streets.
> Is there a pattern with the missing streets? Maybe only the streets from
> tile 1 are found, but not from the higher?
Missing streets are not tile related but spelling related, at least for 
the most important number of missing streets. When using trunk map if I 
type "Calle" in Select street dialog I get a list starting with "Calle" 
and ending with "Calle 8 de Marzo". On index map the list starts with 
"Calle Real Academia Valencia" and ends with "Calle Reina". Between 
"Calle 8 de Marzo" and "Calle Real Academia Valencia" there must be 
hundreds or thousands of streets, as calle means street in Spanish and 
most streets are tagged in the form "Calle ..." All those streets are 
missing in the index map.
If I type "Calle Real Academia Valencia" in trunk I get exactly the same 
list than in index map just typing "Calle", so in this group no one is 
Typing other letters I miss only 1-5 streets in a list of 100, but I 
would need to check one by one to see which ones/where are missing. Is 
there any tool to see the complete list of streets in a map?
There are also some differences in the ordering. Typing "L" on trunk map 
I get a list starting by "L'string"->"L-number"->"La string". With the 
index map the list is ordered "L-number"->"L'string"->"La string"

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