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[mkgmap-dev] Problem with mkgmap -c option and multiple img files

From RogerC roger at rogercalvert.me.uk on Mon Jan 10 13:32:02 GMT 2011

I am attempting to build a gmapsupp.img file by combining multiple .img 
files with mkgmap.

It works fine when the files are listed on the command line, but not 
when they are included in a data file with the -c option.

My command line is:

java -Xmx1000m -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp -c filelist.txt

and the file is in the current directory. It is being read - confirmed 
by putting an invalid option in it, which generates an error message.

I have tried with the file names on separate lines, and space separated. 
There are about 90 files. A gmapsupp of about 4k is generated.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Roger Calvert

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