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[mkgmap-dev] Address search

From Bernhard Heibler bernhard at heibler.de on Sat Dec 27 10:52:50 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

first of all I would like to thank you guys for the great work you did 
so far. The new routing support works pretty good for local routing. I 
also noticed the wired  "Autobahn by plane" problem on the A8 
Salzburg-Munich like described on the osmwiki page.

One major problem I have with my homemade maps on my Nuvi 360 is that I 
could not enter the address where I would like to go. If I try my Nuvi 
wants me to enter "US State" If I enter something it tells me that there 
are no states in this map which is true. The only way to select the 
destination is to use POI/City.

I know that the generation of the street data will not be easy since 
most streets are not assigned to a city. Anyway I tried to enter some 
static data for Country/Region/City into the LBL portion. Please see the 
patched code at the end of this message. Problem is that my data doesn't 
impress my Nuvi at all. It still asks for the State and doesn't ask for 
a country at all. The only success I had is that my data shows up in 
GPSMapEdit->Tools->Edit Postal Adress Items. The data is correct if the 
index for country/region starts with 1 and not 0. I also found out that 
mapedit doesn't like the delimiter 0x1D between name and abbreviation.

Does anybody know if there is a bit to tell the Nuvi that this is not a 
US map with states ? The Nuvi behaves with the basemap the same way. Any 
hints on the "destination by address" topic are welcome ...


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