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[mkgmap-dev] my map testing

From Alexander Atanasov aatanasov at gmail.com on Thu Dec 11 15:56:22 GMT 2008

Hi, All!

I've tried to parse the problem map from the wiki
w/ libgarmin's gartest.

And here are the results:

garmin_subdiv.c:370:1|Error have 1 points but  datalen is 1, bpx=2,
bpy=2 si.sign_info_bits=4
garmin_subdiv.c:371:1|dp=05 extra_bit=1 bs_info=00

This comes quite often  - looks like the extra_bit is not accounted correctly.
4+2+2 = 8 but with extra bit it's 9.

There are some
garmin_subdiv.c:200:15|Point 1 have zero deltas eb=1
which means that deltas from the bitstream are 0 only the extrabit is set.

garmin_net.c:469:1|SF:63242702 SD:2022 l=0 ot=3 idx=83 gt=0x06(0) lng=150.880587
 lat=-34.388967 d:0 sc:0 eb:1 dt:6
garmin_net.c:478:1|1 150.880587/-34.388967 (6b4af9/ffe78bae)
garmin_net.c:486:1|1 150.880930/-34.387057 (6b4b09/ffe78c07) e=0
garmin_net.c:486:1|2 150.880952/-34.386992 (6b4b0a/ffe78c0a) e=0
garmin_net.c:486:1|3 150.881402/-34.385684 (6b4b1f/ffe78c47) e=1
garmin_net.c:486:1|4 150.881531/-34.384761 (6b4b25/ffe78c72) e=0
garmin_net.c:486:1|5 150.882239/-34.381135 (6b4b46/ffe78d1b) e=1
garmin_net.c:486:1|6 150.882518/-34.380705 (6b4b53/ffe78d2f) e=1
garmin_net.c:502:1|segments:0 i:83 sd:2022
garmin_net.c:508:1|NOD info at 616790
garmin_net.c:517:1|NOD1 at 3120649 bmlen=5 fb=1
garmin_net.c:522:1|NET: BITMAP: 1f

Here the bmlen should be 4.

I'll look for more later.

have fun,

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