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[mkgmap-dev] Size Limits

From Andrew Ayre andy at britishideas.com on Thu Dec 11 03:50:55 GMT 2008

Thanks Steve and Felix - you have sent me down the path to solving my 


Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi
>> I understand how to solve this problem (osmosis, osmcut, etc.) but I'm  
>> wondering what the size limit is and whether it is imposed by the IMG  
>> file format or mkgmap. Does anyone know?
> The limit is in the IMG format, or at least the version of the format that
> we know how to use.  It is not the size of the file as a whole but of one
> section within it.  Files containing routing information for example will be much
> bigger in total size.
> The default style is somewhat heavyweight as it contains all residential
> roads on two different zoom levels.  You would get about twice the amount
> with a less heavy style.  (You could try --levels='0:23,1:21,2:19' for a
> rough idea).
> All garmin maps commercial or otherwise are split into tiles.
> In the days before cheap SD cards it would have been a necessary feature
> that the map was split into small enough chunks that you could load a few
> sections you were interested in onto limited memory.
> ..Steve

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