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[mkgmap-dev] Relations and Multiple Tag Parsing Style Rules

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.demon.co.uk on Wed Dec 10 14:58:33 GMT 2008

Hi Felix

> 2.  Could Multiple Tag parsing be implemented into the style rules somehow?
> I know that I could use combinations like highway=path & mtb:scale=0 --> 0x01
> and highwway=path & mtb:scale=1 --> 0x02

> Solution: If a way has two tags that are listed in the style file, both
> should be included seperately into the image. By using a .typ file one
> can then decide how to map them. Using transparency it's easy to see at
> the same time 4-5 different tags. I.e. you have the way in the middle.

I have implemented something that I hope will do what you want to do here.
It is in the trunk version 801.

It uses the new 'overlays' file in the style.



highway=path & mtb:scale=0 [ 0x140 ]
highway=path & mtb:scale=1 [ 0x141 ]

0x140: 0x7, 0x18
0x141: 0x7, 0x19

So for a path of scale 0, you would get two lines drawn on top
of each other with types 7 and 18.  For scale 1, 7 and 19.

You can have more than two.

The good thing is that if mkgmap ever supports large type numbers, you can
just remove the overlays file and use 0x140 and 0x141 etc directly.


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