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[mkgmap-dev] more public testing?

From Robert Vollmert rvollmert-lists at gmx.net on Sat Dec 6 09:08:46 GMT 2008


routing now seems to work well enough on my Vista. What bugs are left  
have no noticeable or clear effect, so I'm having trouble testing. But  
I also have no experience how routing should work with a proper map.

What do you think of trying to get some more people to try it out in  
hope of getting more precise information on what doesn't work yet?  
I.e., post to talk/wiki/forum asking people to try out the nod branch.  
I'm hoping other Garmin products will use the map differently and fail  
in helpful ways.

Here's what's still missing as far as I see it:

* Not writing any links.
* Not writing curve data.
* Possibly not writing the correct destination class on arcs.
* Not writing road length to net (there's uncertainty as to the unit).
* Writing arc length to NOD 1, put possibly the same uncertainty as to  
* Not writing boundary node data (NOD 3).

Does anyone know how polish format handles boundary nodes? Is it  
one .mp-file per IMG and boundary nodes are marked with flags? Or is  
it one .mp-file and the compiler handles the cutting up?


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