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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r766: Write more of the *.mp-data.

From Alexander Atanasov aatanasov at gmail.com on Thu Dec 4 12:44:45 GMT 2008

Hi, Robert!

On 12/4/08, svn commit <svn at mkgmap.org.uk> wrote:
> Version 766 was commited by robert on 2008-12-04 00:37:44 +0000 (Thu, 04 Dec 2008)
> Write more of the *.mp-data.
> Oneway streets now work. DirIndicator is set, though I don't know
> what it does. The road class from RouteParams is set in various
> places, not really sure they should all get the same. (Why is it

They shouldn't be the same. Some ascii art:

----------------TRUNK ROAD------L----------------
   -- local neighborhood streets -|
   |---  --- many small streets --- |
-------L-  OTHER TRUNK ROAD ----------------

The small streets should be class 0, TRUNKs class1, etc.
highways class 6.

>From the small streets you have links to L, how to get on the
next road class /i'm not sure but highway herarchies sounds like this/

> "destination" class in an arc?)

That's for reading. If you are on node class 5  skip nodes with class < 5.
The graph is searched bidirectional. Start from pos and dest and try
to go to a bigger road class. At some point they meet each other.
In other words when you get on the highway stay there, don't route along
residental streets.

have fun,

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