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[mkgmap-dev] next steps in routing

From Robert Vollmert rvollmert-lists at gmx.net on Sun Nov 30 20:48:09 GMT 2008


what are your thoughts on what to look at next regarding routing?

Considering that my small sample maps now route fine, is it time to go  
towards bigger routable maps?NOD 1 with multiple RouteCenters, in  
particular, is something I'd like to give, but I wouldn't want to  
duplicate work.

An issue my small sample still has is that when moving the cursor over  
a road (on my Vista HCx), the unit rarely pops up the name. If it  
does, I can also click the road, otherwise it says there's no  
information about this point. Do you know which part of the IMG is  
responsible for this? NET?


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