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[mkgmap-dev] routing

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.demon.co.uk on Tue Nov 25 23:31:59 GMT 2008

Hi Robert,

> slowly coming back from an OSM break (sorry), I had a look today at how 
> far mkgmap and routing has come. Great work!

I took a bit of a break from OSM too and so there has been no work
on routing in the last few months.

I should say, that what works so far is very limited: anything more that
a single road with two connecting roads doesn't work fully.

> So those mysterious TRE header bytes are just computed from the map id? 
> An obscurity feature?

Yes the map id and some other parts of the file.

> I compiled branches/nod and tried creating an img with:
> $ java -jar mkgmap.jar --route --gmapsupp schoeneberg.osm

Well, it will only work fully with .mp format files that have the node information
in them, but other than that, that is correct.
I'm suprised you had any success at all with a .osm file.
Perhaps I made every coordinate a node, I forget.

> Any suggestions on where to investigate further? Are these empty roads  
> to be expected?

The RoadNetwork class is where everything is initially put together so
that would be a good place to start.

> (I've got the corresponding osm sources, but they're too big to post to 
> the list; let me know if I should send them somewhere.)

I got them as it came to me for moderation, I would have let it through but
you must have cancelled it first.


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