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[mkgmap-dev] generating *.tdb from *.img

From Yves Perrenoud yves-mkgmap at xpand.org on Fri Nov 21 23:27:33 GMT 2008

 > > Now, my question is if it's possible to use mkgmap and create *.tdb
 > > file out of gmapsupp.img file and/or list of *.img file so that the
 > > above
 > It will create a tdb file out of several .img files, in fact you can
 > put any mixture of .osm or .img files on the one command line and it
 > will first create the .img files from the .osm files and then create
 > the .tdb file and then the gmapsupp.img file if you asked for it.

Starting with some .img files that weren't generated with mkgmap, the 
only thing I'm able to do (using version r713) is create the 
gmapsupp.img from one single .img file. If I specify multiple image 
files on the command line instead of just one, I get a 
java.lang.NumberFormatException. Same happens if I mix one .osm and that 
same .img file.

In addition, I'm not able to generate a .tdb and overview .img file from 
an .img file not generated by mkgmap, I also get the same exception as 
above. When I specify "--tdbfile" with a .osm, I get the .tdb and the 
overview .img, in addition to the .img file, as expected. This also 
works if I generate a .img file with mkgmap and then re-run it with 
"--tdbfile". Just doesn't seem to work with .img files not generated by 

The .img files I'm using are one's from Garmin's worldwide basemap 4.01 
(which can be downloaded directly from Garmin's web site) which I split 
up into it's three component .img files using GMapTool (obviously, not 
splitting the initial .img file doesn't work any better).

On your mkgmap page, in the features section, you use the term 
"previously produced .img files" when referring to the ability to 
combine multiple .img files as well as generating .tdb and overview 
maps. So that implies that you only support .img files generated by 
mkgmap, but do you plan on supporting third party .img files (in 
particular Garmin's) in the future?

Thanks for putting out such an excellent tool, it's really great to be 
able to use OSM data on Garmin devices.


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