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[mkgmap-dev] finding out more about the size taken by elements in generated map

From jose1711 jose1711 at freeshell.de on Thu Jan 27 14:31:22 GMT 2022


can someone recommend a way how I can learn more about what the detailed 
statistics in respect to the byte size of each element in the map 
generated by mkgmap? What I am looking for is something like:

- lines: 3.2 MB

   - road_class 0: 1.3 MB

   - road_class 1: 1.2 MB

   - road_class 2: 0.3 MB


- points: 1.0 MB

   - symbol 0x2c04: 0.3 MB

   - symbol 0x4c00: 0.2 MB

Not sure if it makes any sense but the rationale behind is having an 
tool that would provide some hints as to which map details can be 
sacrificed when trying to cover the largest area of the map.


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