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[mkgmap-dev] use of --mdr7-del can break address search/street search

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Wed Jan 19 15:09:00 GMT 2022

Hi Ticker,

the major difference between the (unpatched) --mdr7-del and the --split-name-index processing is that
--mdr7-del takes the original label and changes the content before the index calculation starts.
Later, the sorted positions don't match with the original labels and Garmin cannot find the label that
the list shows.
--split-name-index just calculates positions based on the full label. This works because we don't
change the label.

The repeat flags are probably used to decide which tiles have to be read to find all candidates for a given
index entry.

I've attached an alternative patch which applies the --mdr7-del list later.
For each (partial) string the first (!) word is checked against --mdr7-del list.
If found, the partial label is ignored.
I guess that's what you meant? This also fixes the index errors but doesn't change the index size.
I'll need time to find out what I like more and how this works when labels start with a word in --mdr7-del list.


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Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] use of --mdr7-del can break address   search/street   search

Hi Gerd

I'm trying understand all this, so maybe what I'm trying to say here is

How is it that --split-name-index didn't also break Find > Street
select list.

If it is required that Mdr7 index entries refer to a label, then,
maybe, can have multiple index entries to the same label with different
starting positions, indicated by [out]NameOffset. These shouldn't be
deduped against apparently the same partial name from elsewhere.
It avoids the need for the tile builder to adjusting one of the 4
labels. A disadvantage is that each duplicate entry runs to the end of
the label.

I don't understand what the Mdr7 repeat flag is supposed to indicate.
Also, if MDR7_HAS_STRING, does the offset work in this


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