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[mkgmap-dev] custom style

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Sun Sep 12 06:55:48 BST 2021


As a test i once once added a specific condition for fuels so that the points 
style file contains these two rows:
(amenity=fuel & fuel:e85=yes) [0x4401 resolution 22]
amenity=fuel [0x2f01 resolution 22]

If i add an image in the TYP file 0x4401 will show just fine in gmapshack and on 
a unit (GPSMAP 66st).

in the finalize and include section of the style i have the following to add 
information about avaialble fues at fuel stations:

(amenity=fuel & (fuel:octane_95=yes|fuel:diesel=yes|fuel:e85=yes|fuel:cng=yes|
fuel:biogas=yes|fuel:adblue=yes) )
	      {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} Fuel: ' | 'Fuel: '}
(amenity=fuel & fuel:octane_95=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} B95'}
(amenity=fuel & fuel:diesel=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} DI'}
(amenity=fuel & fuel:e85=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} E85'}
(amenity=fuel & (fuel:cng=yes | fuel:biogas=yes)) {set mkgmap:phone='$
{mkgmap:phone} CNG/BNG'}
(amenity=fuel & fuel:lpg=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} LPG'}
(amenity=fuel & fuel:adblue=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} ADBLUE'}

What i observe now on the GPS unit is that the fuel stations tagged 0x4401 
will not have the fuel details added, but 0x2f01 will. (qmapshack doesn't seem 
to show any details about points). 

To me it looks like both points will and should match at least some of the 
conditions from the include section.
Is it because 0x4401 is a too high number of types and mkgmap does not allow 
the phone information to be set?
Do i need to write the include section differently?
Is it simply the garmin device which does not show as much information for 
0x4401 as for 0x2f01?


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