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[mkgmap-dev] signed maps / new device

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Wed Aug 4 06:15:16 BST 2021

i have made maps using the --code-page=65001  option.
Maps are read just fine by GPSMAP 66st with all firmwares i have had (at least 
since 4.xx up till 7.60).

Could there be something overriding this setting and not making the map 
unicode, is there a way to check what the map really is?

i use map data from geofabrik.de.


On tisdag 3 augusti 2021 kl. 17:59:15 CEST Andrzej Popowski wrote:
> Hi Marek,
> I have tested on 66st firmware 7.20. Unicode maps compiled with mkgmap
> are rejected, the same message as you have found on issue 26 - "Cannot
> authenticate maps".

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