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[mkgmap-dev] Transliteration question

From Aleksandar Lucic acalucic at gmail.com on Tue Aug 3 14:42:05 BST 2021


I need some help regarding the transliteration filters. I would like to use
them to transliterate cyrillic name tags (1251) to latin (1250). I have
tried with:

name=* {set name='${name|ascii:} '}

but i get some weird results. For example tag:


is translated into „SHUMA“

instead of expected „ŠUMA“

Same happens with other cyrillic character too – they are translated but
not as I expect. I have set code-page=1250 and 1252 but no luck, always the
same result. If I set the code page to 1251 I get cyrillic characters but
this is not what i want. Obviously there is some transliteration taking
place but in the way I expect, maybe I am doing something wrong?

 Are there any other settings beside code-page? I see there is a folder
named ascii in /examples/chars/ with some .trans file, should I put there
something else that determinates the transliteration or is this just an
output from internal transliteration engine? Should I set country-abbr or
country-name? How can I alter the transliteration rules?

Thanks in advance for your answer
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