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[mkgmap-dev] Improper transliteration of Bulgarian text

From osm.dimitar155 at gmail.com osm.dimitar155 at gmail.com on Mon Aug 2 11:14:03 BST 2021

HI Gerd,

I'm writing from a different email since the mail.bg one seems to add ads on
the end of the message which I've removed from the bottom of this message.

According to a user on the forum the issue is about improper transliteration
of Cyrillic text that could be caused by this program.  My question is if
there is only name on a given object and no other names but the person who
runs this software wants his map to be in English, will mkgmap try to change
the name? If so could you send a link to the file where associations for
each letter are made (ex: Cyrillic letter Д to be changed with Latin letter
D, Cyrillic letter С to be changed with Latin letter S etc.).


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Hi Dimitar,

not sure what you try to achive. Several options have an influence here,
most important are --name-tag-list and --codepage See

I am not sure if --code-page=1257 or --code-page=65001 (unicode) should be

Does that help?


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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Improper transliteration of Bulgarian text

Hello all,

There has been a post on the Bulgarian section of the OSM forum that
Bulgarian names are not correctly transliterated
(https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=73331). According to these
users, names show as question marks or if they show up the transliteration
is incorrect. Here are some examples:
Драгоман - Draghoman instead of Dragoman Драговищица - Dragovishchica
instead of Dragovishticha Петърч - Pet?rch instead of Petarch

I've found a document that shows what the correct transliteration of each
letter is. It is complient with the transliteration act as of its last
change in 2019. Note that it only applies to the Bulgarian language. Other
languages may have different rules

Is it possible to fix this issue without causing issues for other Slavic
languages? I haven't investigated how your software works, but a possible
solution could be to have a different set of rules for each country.


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