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[mkgmap-dev] faster-mp r4797 and a question on style for amenity=emergency_phone

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Sun Jul 11 10:05:13 BST 2021


One observation with faster-mp-r4797.
After running, it leaves a directory called e: with subdirectires such as:

It's ok i presume, these correlate to SEVERE message that are created during 
 (ShapeSplitter): 77800027.osm.pbf: Horizontal split 121664384 
failed on shape at 40.777236,0.641794 Possibly a self-intersecting polygon

Second, a question.
In the style for points there is a line for emergacy phone (and later phone).
amenity=emergency_phone [0x2f12 resolution 24 default_name 'Emergency Phone']

I have added a specific image in the TYP file, which compiles well, but nothing 
seems to show on the map (even checked with qmapshack).
Is there something specific to this tag or this number 0x2f12 that supresses it 
from being displayed?


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