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[mkgmap-dev] Removal of floodblocker generate-sea option

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Wed Mar 17 14:18:04 GMT 2021

I don't use precomp-sea, but I don't use floodblocker either, so the suggestion is fine by me. It may however be worth displaying a warning if a tile appears to be flooded.


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Subject: [mkgmap-dev] Removal of floodblocker generate-sea option

Hi all

I think it is time that that the floodblocker logic is removed.

I doubt if anyone uses it.

The recommended way to have sea is to use --precomp-sea and
floodblocker is irrelevant to this.

Using the coastline data from the normal OSM input, the common sea
problems are in tiles that extend beyond the extracted region, where
coastline is incomplete (not reaching tile edges, or has gaps where
there are estuaries) and floodblocker is no use in this case.

This could be done as part of the "faster-mp" branch as it removes an
interface into MultiPolygonRelation, reducing the effort to restructure


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