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[mkgmap-dev] using mkgmap:admin_level2 in polygons

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Fri Feb 19 20:10:00 GMT 2021

Hi Ranko,

1) type=boundary relations are not kept complete by splitter unless you set corresponding options. Incomplete relations have rather unpredictable shapes.
2) the tag mkgmap:admin_level2 is set by the LocationHook. This calculates the center of the polygon and looks up the tags for that point. If the center is not inside the polygon this will fail.

There is a rule in relations which adds tag mkgmap:boundary_name. No idea if this can be used in polygons, it is used in lines to render the borders.


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I wanted to "display" counties using invisible polygons (so names are displayed when hovering in BC or GPSr).
It is a multi-country map and county definitions differ from country to country so I tried using mkgmap:country (mkgmap:admin_level2).

In the style manual mkgmap:admin_level2 is defined as "Name of the boundary=administrative relation/polygon with admin_level=2 the element is located in"
However, when I used the following rule in my style polygons file some counties were skipped:

mkgmap:admin_level2=HRV & boundary=administrative & admin_level=6 & name=* [0x16 resolution 14]

Using echotags I found that mkgmap:admin_level2 was set.
However, some of the counties had it set to neighbouring country codes (SVN, BIH, SRB) and didn't pass.

Example county:

Actually, splitter splits the map into more then one tile, so the county gets split too.
In some of the tiles mkgmap:admin_level2 gets set to HRV (as expected), but in others it is set to BIH

I used the latest bounds file (20210212) and a custom OSM-map area, but the same happened when testing with croatia-latest.osm.pbf

What am I missing?


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