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[mkgmap-dev] FYI Population specified on admin boundaries

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Wed Feb 17 08:22:40 GMT 2021

That's one to check 😊
This evening....

Otherwise exclude if capital = 2 or something like that
Or in my case I use population from place=city if specified and else from admin-boundary

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Joris Bo
jorisbo at hotmail.com

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Onderwerp: Re: [mkgmap-dev] FYI Population specified on admin boundaries

Hi Joris,

doesn't that mean that the population of the whole country is used for the capital?


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The French osm community decided to remove the population tag from cities and towns and add them the municipality admin-border instead.
Because of this tagging place=city can not be displayed at certain zoomlevels based on the population anymore.

I added this to the relation file to have large cities nicely popup early on lower zoomelvels again

type = boundary & boundary = administrative & population = * { apply role=admin_centre
            set population = '${population}';

(or bettter:  you assign it here to a new tag “population_from_boundaries” and check both in the points style to avoid accidential overwrites, which I actually did)

Kind regards,

Joris Bo
jorisbo at hotmail.com<mailto:jorisbo at hotmail.com>

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