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[mkgmap-dev] opposite-cycleways option

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Tue Feb 9 09:20:11 GMT 2021

Hi Gerd,

I came accross tagging

Overpass says that there are about 3200 ways in France/Belgium for this situation

These are not mentioned in your e-mail post as possible tagging to create synthesize roads, if I'am correct
Would it be possible to add these options?

Mentioned in your post
oneway:bicycle=no |
bicycle:oneway=no | 
cycleway=opposite |
cycleway=opposite_lane |
cycleway=opposite_track | 
cycleway:left=opposite_lane |
cycleway:right=opposite_lane | 
cycleway:left=opposite_track |

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Joris Bo
jorisbo at hotmail.com

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Onderwerp: Re: [mkgmap-dev] opposite-cycleways option

Hi Joris,

the java code creates a copy of the original way and removes various possibly existing access tags, it sets access=no, bicycle=yes,oneway=no,mkgmap:synthesised=yes

I would not add foot=* as the original might have something equivalent to foot=no.
In fact there should be no need for any special handling in the style unless you want to assign a special typ.


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An: Development list for mkgmap
Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] opposite-cycleways option


I'm trying to improve routing for my bicycle and the oneway allowed for bicycles by using the --make-opposite-cycleway option But I was wondering what the criteria are for creating such extra cycleways.
I have read some earlier posts an 'll found Gerd's  comments on http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2014q2/020818.html

But the manual does not state what is actually implemented. Is there some more documentation somewhere?

As far as I understand now

  *   Only if a highway has oneway=yes AND (some variants of oneway:bicycle = no) then
  *   Mkgmap will create an extra highway line with (mkgmap:synthesised = yes)
  *   Within my style file I'll pick up the mkgmap:synthesised=yes and assign an "invisible overlay routeable highway" line and then
     *   Remove the oneway-tag (which applies to cars)
     *   set mkgmap:bicycle/foot=yes
     *   set mkgmap:car/hgv/bus/delivery=no

Is that correct?
Thx for helping me out

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Joris Bo
jorisbo at hotmail.com<mailto:jorisbo at hotmail.com>

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