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[mkgmap-dev] improved diagnostics patch v2

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Mon Jan 11 09:20:06 GMT 2021

HI Gerd,

Thanks for the updated patch. I have got rid of the repeated definitions of
"generated from" by using getBasicLogInformation as the basis of toString.
This makes them all consistent (although it is not capitalised or have a
colon). It would be more logical for the toString function to contain just
the basic information, the information currently in toString to be in a new
getExtendedLogInformation function and getBasicLoginInformation deleted.
However, this would need a lot of changes elsewhere.

Does RoadDef.toString really need to output a URL? It would improve the
reading of my log files if it was just "(way" + id + ")". For consistency
with above, this should really be "RoadDef + id" / "RoadDef generated",
which would suit me fine. What do you think?

Please find attached an updated version.


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Hi Mike,

sorry, I looked at your first patch but forgot to answer. I always hesitate
to change those debug messages because some users parse them with scripts.
I think Way.toString() should work similar to Node.toString and
Relation.toString and thus return a string starting with "WAY:". See my
modified version.

I don't like the repeated code producing the "generated from" messages.
Isn't it possible to implement that once in classElement?


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Hi Gerd,

My previous diagnostic improvements patch seems to have got lost, but since
then I have noticed another couple of items to include, so attached is an
updated version.

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