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[mkgmap-dev] Embedding raster maps

From Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler at gmx.de on Sat Jan 9 11:01:08 GMT 2021

Hi Steve,

> mkgmap sets all of these to zero and seems to work.  Of course it may
> not work for your purpose with the images.  I would try taking a
> copy of a working map and zeroing out some of the unknown things
> until it stops working. You will then know if something is essential
> or not.

Done that. Removing the "flags" seem to have no impact. Removing the size of this 5th RGN section does. Therefor it is important :)

> Presumably it points into the extended polygon section, but I do not
> have anything that displays that section at the moment so I can't
> yet match anything up.

Ok, I will think about it. Just from my understanding also the information how these raster tiles fit into the draw order is missing. Maybe it's hard coded or set by that section.

I also noted that QMapShack is probably decoding the extended polylines completely wrong. (Just wonder why no one complained so far ^^ ). I saw in the code that there is some test code. Is there already some way to create a test img for extended polylines and polgons that I can use as a reference to fix my code? This would be of great help.



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