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[mkgmap-dev] Minor documentation patch

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Sat Jan 2 17:43:43 GMT 2021

HI Gerd,

Thanks for the quick response. My issue with the existing wording is that it
reads as if the input files are actually being modified. I'd be happy with
"filtered out" or "are not loaded from the input OSM files". (Just noticed
it actually says OSM tiles rather than OSM files in the first mention, so I
think that needs changing as well.) Do either of the two suggestions seem
better to you?


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Hi Mike,

thanks for the patch. I am not sure if I like the part for coastlines. I'm
not 100% sure but I think the tag natural=coastline is really just removed
before the OSM way  is processed by the style rules. A way with more than a
natural=coastline tag is still processed. That's very different to being
"ignored", isn't it?


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Hi Gerd, please find attached a patch that makes some minor improvements to
the documentation.

Please review and commit if OK.


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