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[mkgmap-dev] Lost Waypoints with version 4589

From ael witwall3 at disroot.org on Mon Dec 21 17:07:32 GMT 2020


I installed an 4589 map onto my Etrex 20, and all the Waypoints and
routes were somehow deleted. The Waypointsxxx.gpx and other gpxfiles
were still still present. As I have seen this problem before after
updating firmware, I found that I could get the Etrek to re-read
the Waypoint (and Route) gpx files by renaming them. There are more
details on this blog post:


Presumably there is something in the img file which is somehow altering
the Waypoint status?

Here are the commands that I used:

java -Xmx10g -jar ../splitter-r597/splitter.jar ../great-britain-latest.osm.pbf

Then I compiled the mapnik.txt from version 4589:

java -Xmx13g -jar ../mkgmap-r4589/mkgmap.jar ../mkgmap-r4589/examples/typ-files/mapnik.txt

Finally I compiled the img file with

java -Xmx12g -jar ../mkgmap-r4589/mkgmap.jar --route --add-pois-to-areas
--bounds=../bounds --precomp-sea=../sea/ --index --gmapsupp
--remove-ovm-work-files mapnik.typ -c template.arg

Did I do something wrong, or is this a known problem?


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