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[mkgmap-dev] maps overlaying each other

From michael lohr micha.lohr at web.de on Sun Dec 6 11:35:33 GMT 2020

Quick solution: deactivate one map on your GPS.

Better solution: extract both countries from the next bigger area with a
custom polygon (I use osmconvert) and make one map containing both

Am 06.12.2020 um 11:42 schrieb 7770:
> Hi.
> How can i avoid that a section of a map (in a gmapsuppA.img) overlays some
> neighbouring map (in a different gmapsuppB.img) making it inaccessible on the
> GPS unit?
> Example,
> say i have Sweden and Norway, neighbouring countries. Data is downloaded from
> goefabrik per country. Splitting and generating map done per country.
> Sweden gets --draw-priority=50 and Norway gets 51.
> In the border areas, when the tiles are a bit outside of the country, the
> Norwegian map overlays the Swedish, details from both maps are visible but one
> cannot click on a point on the Swedish (lower) map because the empty Norwegian
> map is drawn above.
> --transparent option is not used to avoid other non-wanted transparency.
> --bounds is used.
> --add-boundary-nodes-at-admin-boundaries is used.
> Is there some good way to avoid this issue, to make sure that details from the
> lower map can be accessed? Perhaps make the splitter more strict on the
> borders?
> regards
> Karl
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