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[mkgmap-dev] Styles, typ and multiple languages

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Mon Nov 9 09:57:39 GMT 2020

Hi Karl

I don't think what you are hoping for can be done. Some of it is
possible for special cases, but not generally.

If a POI has a name and the name is the same as a TYP translation, then
logic can be added to the rule for the point to suppress the name, eg,
for english:

 sport=swimming {set name='${name|not-equal:"Swimming Pool"}'} [0x...]

It is unlikely that any OSM objects are tagged in this rather pointless

There isn't anywhere except the name/label field for a specific name,
and, apart from Roads, there is only 1 name field.

The behaviour of Garmin devices differs regarding showing static
information from the typeCode and/or the name in the map. Some show
both when the item is selected, others just the name if set or the TYP
translation otherwise (and just say "Unnamed" if the item isn't defined
in the TYP file).

A good option for making a more useable map of a foreign country by a
speaker of another language is --name-tag-list.
For example, make a map of Morocco I use:
Does this answer your question about multiple name tags?


On Fri, 2020-11-06 at 19:40 +0100, 7770 wrote:
> Hi.
> I am looking into a pattern where a name of a map point is given in a
> local 
> word, which is not easy for foreigners. Instead of showing the name
> as the 
> name, i would like to move it into the information which becomes 
> available when clicking on a point on a Garmin device. Hence leaving
> the name 
> empty or removed.
> Example:
> Say we have a lean-to shelter somewhere in Sweden.
> The name is set as: "Vindskydd rastaplatsen".
> For any foreigner, this may not say a lot.
> Whereas in the TYP file it is defined with the description:
> ..
> String=Lean to shelter
> String6=0x07,Vindskydd
> String7=0x15,Schronienie
> String10=0x0f,Gapahuk
> etc.
> etc.
> ..
> So when pointing/hovering this object on the GPS unit, i will tell me
> in the 
> local language (which is set up on the unit) what it is (taken from
> the TYP 
> file).
> When clicking the item, i will get the info page with additional
> details, and 
> here is the name.
> But the question is now: how do i get the additional details to the
> info page?
> Can i just add any tag an it will show?
> Would something like this work?
> tourism=lean_to | (amenity=shelter & shelter_type=lean_to) {add info
> = '$
> {name}'; delete name} [0x2b05 resolution 24]
> Is it otherwise possible to define multiple name tags, one per
> language?
> name = general name
> name:en = English name
> name:se = Swedish name
> so that the device will pick up the correct one based on the language
> settings?
> Regards
> Karl
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