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[mkgmap-dev] Styles, typ and multiple languages

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Fri Nov 6 18:40:25 GMT 2020


I am looking into a pattern where a name of a map point is given in a local 
word, which is not easy for foreigners. Instead of showing the name as the 
name, i would like to move it into the information which becomes 
available when clicking on a point on a Garmin device. Hence leaving the name 
empty or removed.

Say we have a lean-to shelter somewhere in Sweden.
The name is set as: "Vindskydd rastaplatsen".
For any foreigner, this may not say a lot.
Whereas in the TYP file it is defined with the description:
String=Lean to shelter

So when pointing/hovering this object on the GPS unit, i will tell me in the 
local language (which is set up on the unit) what it is (taken from the TYP 
When clicking the item, i will get the info page with additional details, and 
here is the name.

But the question is now: how do i get the additional details to the info page?
Can i just add any tag an it will show?

Would something like this work?
tourism=lean_to | (amenity=shelter & shelter_type=lean_to) {add info = '$
{name}'; delete name} [0x2b05 resolution 24]

Is it otherwise possible to define multiple name tags, one per language?
name = general name
name:en = English name
name:se = Swedish name

so that the device will pick up the correct one based on the language 


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