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[mkgmap-dev] Split gmapsupp.img

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Tue Oct 20 16:14:07 BST 2020

Hi Felix,

 > Right now for scripting I can only see how to create gmapsupp part
 > files without address search.

Doesn't mkgmap combine *.img with correct index? I mean you can get like 
1000 of tiles after compiling a big area, but you can combine first 500 
and next 500 separately.

I'm doing something similar for my maps. I split and compile area like 
Africa in one go and then I run separate tasks to create parts of 
Africa, without recompiling tiles. Mkgmap calculates indexes and preview 
maps basing on provided list of img.

What could be a problem with partial maps is that one country can be 
split into multiple parts. This can prohibit for correct address search, 
if your current position is in one part, but searched address in 
another. But I haven't tested that.

Best regards,

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