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[mkgmap-dev] mapnik.txt Spanish translation

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Fri Oct 16 18:11:38 BST 2020

I will use String6 in that case, i will need 2-3 more weeks until i have time 
to send in the changes. If somebody is already using that too, no worries, i 
will change later.
In some sections all strings use String1.
I noticed that some translations are not correct in polish language, i will 
try to correct those as well at that time.


On fredag 16 oktober 2020 kl. 17:58:50 CEST Carlos Dávila wrote:
> I'm working on Spanish translation of mapnik.txt file. It's still a work
> in progress, but in order to avoid conflicts with changes announced by
> Karl (7770) I send a diff with current state. I've chosen String5 for
> Spanish, as it was the first unused number.

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