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[mkgmap-dev] Disconnected map sections, types in TYP-files.

From 7700 7770 at foskan.eu on Fri Oct 9 10:37:52 BST 2020

Still on my learning path, and thanks for good documents, which have helped a 

Now i have one observation and a few questions.

i observe that in the map created (mkgmap 4585) i can see disconnected map 
sections, they usually show up as a thin white line in the map, often easier 
to see over water or darker areas. The gap sometimes makes the routing 
calculations fail if the gap is in the routing direction and big enough.
I have observed these gaps not inly in the maps have made, but also at 
opentopomap, but not with garmin.opensteetmap.nl (to mention some examples).
Pictures can be provided if wanted.
Is there a proper way to eliminate these gaps when generating the maps?

When working with TYP files, i have read:
If a polygon type is not listed in this section, then it will not be displayed 
at all.

Is this valid?
If it is, then it means i really have to add every single item which may be 
generated and which is on the map, otherwise i risk loosing information 
without even knowing, say if i want to change very small portions from how the 
device displays something.

I have found that there some information sets that cover a lot of types that 
garmin devices can show, but is it possible to extract a list from mkgmap, for 
example extracting the default set?
Is the example mapnik.txt file complete or just an example?

If i didn't make errors, it seems there is a difference between generating 
gmapsupp with no TYP and this example TYP.

>From which type number can i define my own type to avoid collission with 
existing types?
I am thinking of adding handling for aerialways.

Related to the polygon amenity=parking and displaying of a picture.
on maps such as from garmin.openstreetmap.nl, the polygon for amenity=parking 
displays the same parking symbol (garmin default, round with red P and black 
border) as for a point amenity=parking.
I tried generating the individual tiles with the style present from mkgmap 
using --style-file=path/styles/, in which i see a mapping in the polygons file:
amenity=parking | parking=surface [0x05 resolution 22]

But even with this, the parking polygons do not show any picture/symbol.
What else is needed?

Kind regards

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