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[mkgmap-dev] question about output-dir and indexing

From Carlos Dávila carlos at alternativaslibres.org on Mon Oct 5 19:33:01 BST 2020

mapname and description are taken from template.args. Try removing those 
parameters from your command line.
Regarding index, in order to get right addresses you need to supply 
bounds file (--bounds). You can get it from 

El 5/10/20 a las 19:32, 7700 escribió:
> Hi.
> I am very new to making maps so therefor in case i am asking something obvious
> it is because i don't know better yet.
> I am trying to generate a map for a country (trying sweden) and observe a
> strange thing with --output-dir for mkgmap (r4585).
> Files are written to other directories than to the --output-dir
> Starting at a base directory i have created this structure:
> ├── gmapsupp
> └── se
>      ├── splitted
>      └── tiles
> The idea is that for sweden i will store splitted pbf files in a separate
> directory and tiles in a separate.
> at first i download data to the ./se/ directory:
> wget https://download.geofabrik.de/europe/sweden-latest.osm.pbf
> then split the data, adding the --output-dir=se/splitted/
> this works fine.
> now i want to generate the *.img tiles from the splitted files. Doing this from
> the base directory.
> java -jar ../mkgmap/mkgmap-r4585/mkgmap.jar
> --read-config=se/splitted/template.args
> --remove-short-arcs
> --family-name="NORDIC"
> --country-name="Sweden"
> --country-abbr="SWE"
> --description="Sweden routable."
> --mapname=77700001
> --family-id=770
> --latin1
> --net --route --index --split-name-index
> --output-dir=se/tiles/
> se/splitted/*.osm.pbf
> When i run this from the base directory
> numbered *.img files and ovm_*.img files are first written to the base directory
> and then last to the target directory.
> After the program finishes there are files both in base directory from where i
> executed the program, as well as the directory given in output-dir.
> The files in the output-dir directory are larger than the ones in the base
> directory. Is this an error or should i take care of both sets of files?
> Trying to use --index to create a searchable index or street names, for this,
> do i need to add a separate file/style to make it work?
> if yes, are there examples which you can point to?
> Regards
> Karl
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