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[mkgmap-dev] question about output-dir and indexing

From 7700 7770 at foskan.eu on Mon Oct 5 18:32:06 BST 2020

I am very new to making maps so therefor in case i am asking something obvious 
it is because i don't know better yet.

I am trying to generate a map for a country (trying sweden) and observe a 
strange thing with --output-dir for mkgmap (r4585).
Files are written to other directories than to the --output-dir

Starting at a base directory i have created this structure:

├── gmapsupp
└── se
    ├── splitted
    └── tiles

The idea is that for sweden i will store splitted pbf files in a separate 
directory and tiles in a separate.

at first i download data to the ./se/ directory:
wget https://download.geofabrik.de/europe/sweden-latest.osm.pbf

then split the data, adding the --output-dir=se/splitted/
this works fine.

now i want to generate the *.img tiles from the splitted files. Doing this from 
the base directory.

java -jar ../mkgmap/mkgmap-r4585/mkgmap.jar 
--description="Sweden routable." 
--net --route --index --split-name-index 

When i run this from the base directory
numbered *.img files and ovm_*.img files are first written to the base directory 
and then last to the target directory.
After the program finishes there are files both in base directory from where i 
executed the program, as well as the directory given in output-dir.
The files in the output-dir directory are larger than the ones in the base 
directory. Is this an error or should i take care of both sets of files?

Trying to use --index to create a searchable index or street names, for this, 
do i need to add a separate file/style to make it work?
if yes, are there examples which you can point to?


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