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[mkgmap-dev] Routing problem on Garmin Oregon/edge with default style (and other styles)

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Sat Jun 27 11:54:47 BST 2020


Is there a online repository of compiled mkgmap versions?
I found an answer form Gerd that ‘you can create one form svn, but I don’t have those skills.

I am looking for versions between
r4323 (29-10-2019)                  still ok
r4386 (8-12-2019)                    problem persist

@Felix Yes, I always used the most recent default style also with the older mkgmap versions for the tes.

Kind regards

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Verzonden: zaterdag 27 juni 2020 11:42
Aan: Development list for mkgmap <mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk>
Onderwerp: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Routing problem on Garmin Oregon/edge with default style (and other styles)

Tested on Oregon 450 without crash: runs until destination.

Map used is from 04/2020, created with mkgmap-r4479 using my own (pure cycle) style.
Therefore routing still set to bicycle (fastest / avoid unaved), but as well no crash with ATV.

Nevertheless, here Calle Castillo de Ponferrada isn`t pink while simulation, but Calle Castillo de Alarcón is.

Am 26.06.2020 um 14:39 schrieb Felix Hartmann <extremecarver at gmail.com<mailto:extremecarver at gmail.com>>:


Trying to route along this route crashes the GPS device - not sure what i going on here. In demo mode - just set location to: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/27866666/history#map=18/40.48063/-3.94040

and route to:

(Calle Castillo de Ponferrada)

 The route will first be normal pink, however as soon as it goes onto the Calle Castillo de Alarcón
it will keep on routing - but the pink colour is gone. Then after maybe half of the road it stops routing and asks to recalculate (which will be in a loop if you click yes).

map produced with.
start /low /b /wait java -jar -XX:+AggressiveHeap -XX:StringTableSize=1000003 -Xms15000M -Xmx29000M C:\openmtbmap\mkgmap.jar --max-jobs=8 --order-by-decreasing-area  --code-page=1252 --add-boundary-nodes-at-admin-boundaries  --nsis --index --levels="0:24, 1:23, 2:22, 3:21, 4:20, 5:19, 6:18" --overview-levels="7:17, 8:16, 9:15, 10:14, 11:13, 12:12" --add-pois-to-areas --pois-to-areas-placement=entrance=main;entrance=yes;building=entrance;barrier=entrance --reduce-point-density=3.4 --reduce-point-density-polygon=6 --add-boundary-nodes-at-admin-boundaries=2 --poi-excl-index=0x6405,0x4316,0x2f00 --cycle-map --check-roundabout-flares --ignore-fixme-values --housenumbers --road-name-config=C:\openmtbmap\openmtbmap_svn\roadNameConfig.txt --split-name-index --link-pois-to-ways --ignore-turn-restrictions --polygon-size-limits="24:16, 23:14, 22:12, 21:11, 20:10, 19:9, 18:8, 17:7, 16:6, 15:5, 14:4, 13:3, 12:2, 11:0, 10:0" --description=omtb_es --show-profiles=1  --location-autofill=bounds,is_in,nearest   --route --country-abbr=es --country-name=spain --mapname=64130000 --family-id=6413 --product-id=1 --series-name=omtb_spain_26.06.2020 --family-name=mtb_es_26.06.2020 --tdbfile --overview-mapname=mapsetc --keep-going --area-name="spain_26.06.2020_omtb" D:\openmtbmap\maps\64130028.osm.pbf   1>NUL 2>NUL

Routing setup on device as:
ATV/Off Road Driving
Minimize Distance
No Avoidances

but I think this does not matter.

I have uploaded the broken tile/map here:
the osm.pbf for that tile is:

I have no real clue what is happening here. If you set highway=residential from road_class=0 / road_speed=2 to say 1 / 1 crash is even earlier.

I cannot find anything special looking at the road with GPSMapedit. Garmin Edge devices supposedly crash too - not sure about other devices.

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