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[mkgmap-dev] possible echotags enhancement?

From Ranko Jaksic rjaksic at zgi.hr on Thu Jun 18 21:14:49 BST 2020


echotags style command displays the element type and original OSM-Id (as in "Node generated from <OSM-Id>").

Would it be possible to additionally display the original element type for all such "generated from" elements?
(Something like "Node generated from Way <OSM-Id>" or "Way generated from Relation <OSM-Id>")


At the end of my style file I use echotags to log elements left unhandled and then process this logfile to generate a html file with direct links to offending elements in OSM.
This way I can click and easily correct the data in OSM if needed.
A href tag generated this way looks like this: <a href="https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/688658542">OSM link</a>

To do this I need to detect the (original) element type from the echotags message (is it a node/way/relation),
but for "generated from" elements there is no way to detect this properly from the echotags message text.

For example: with the "--add-pois-to-areas" option a node is generated for each polygon or multipolygon.
However, the message is the same for both and there is no way to detect if the original element was a polygon ("way") or a multipolygon ("relation") :(


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