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[mkgmap-dev] Maps with contours shows two maps in some devices (i.e. Zumo XT)

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Mon Jun 8 12:36:55 BST 2020

I use negative IDs in my non OSM data files to ensure they don't overlap. It
doesn't seem to cause any problems and has the advantage that if I get any
logged messages with negative IDs I know they are not referring to OSM data.


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Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Maps with contours shows two maps in some devices
(i.e. Zumo XT)

Hi Enrico,

no idea if a single gmapsupp.img can contain two map sets with different
family ids and multiple typ files.
Is it important for you that you have the contours in a different map set?
If not, I would merge the osm data and the contour data first, use splitter
on the merged data to have a single map containing osm data and contours.
That's how I create my own maps.
The only problem that you have to take care of is that the contour data must
not contain ids which overlap the OSM ids.

I just noticed that my file Hoehendaten_Freizeitkarte_EUROPE.osm.pbf
contains node ids starting with 7.500.000.000, so I have to create or
download a new file now.


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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Maps with contours shows two maps in some devices
(i.e. Zumo XT)

Hi there.

I create my maps with contours using the following command

java -jar ./mkgmap/mkgmap.jar  --description="$family_name - OSM"
--output-dir="$dest"/ \
 --family-id=10030 --product-id=1  --family-name="$family_name - Map"
--route --remove-short-arcs  --bounds=bounds.zip \
 --precomp-sea=sea.zip  --location-autofill=is_in,nearest --draw-priority=20
--gmapsupp  --index --housenumbers  "$work"/"$suffix"*osm.pbf
./typ/gspeed.typ    \
 --family-id=10031 --product-id=1  --family-name="$family_name - Contours"
--draw-priority=10000  --transparent   $contours ./typ/gspeedContours.typ

In blue the part that refers to contours. Mapids for the two sets are

On my Garmin Montana I see just one map with the name passed in
--description option ($family_name - OSM).
On an old Garmin Nuvi I see two maps, the real map with streets (named
$family_name - Map) and the one with contours (named $family_name -
Contours), which I can enable/disable individually.
On the new Garmin Zumo XT I see two maps, both named $family_name - OSM. I
can't disable just one of the two, they seems to be linked and it is weirs
they show up with very same name in the list.

Question: is there a way I can merge the two maps so I get the same
behaviour anywhere?


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