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[mkgmap-dev] road labels

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Sun Jun 7 00:42:59 BST 2020

I'm having trouble getting some of the road labels with my custom 
style.  I don't have a garmin anymore, but I'm using the gmap.img on 
Qmapshack and OrexMaps & the results are similar.

I put some echotags at the end of the lines file to see what was getting 
set.   I thought maybe it was the lack of 'name' so I made sure the 
roads with just ref and label:1 also had a name.   I thought maybe the 
residential roads weren't getting labeled, so I changed the tag to 
unclassified.   I don't think it's a road length issue since some of the 
unlabeled roads are longer than the labeled roads.

For example, these ways get labels:
Way 17018603 [highway=unclassified, mkgmap:label:1=West Street, 
mkgmap:street=West Street, name=West Street] label
Way 534366085 [highway=track, mkgmap:label:1=215, mkgmap:street=215, 
name=215] label
Way 17019471 [highway=track, mkgmap:label:1=CR 253, mkgmap:street=CR 
253, name=CR 253, ref=CR 253, smoothness=good] label

These do not get a label:
Way 17018809 [highway=unclassified, mkgmap:label:1=CR 210, 
mkgmap:street=CR 210, name=CR 210, ref=CR 210, smoothness=good] label
Way 17019418 [highway=residential, mkgmap:label:1=CR 250, 
mkgmap:street=CR 250, name=CR 250, ref=CR 250, smoothness=good] label

Any help debugging this is appreciated.

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