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[mkgmap-dev] Thanks

From Dave dfjkman at gmail.com on Wed May 27 15:35:15 BST 2020



I would like to add my thanks as well for all the hard work.


Joris Bo, I have tried your style on  <http://download.geofabrik.de/africa/zambia-latest.osm.pbf> zambia-latest.osm.pbf and there are a few strange results mainly to do with wetlands that have open water as inner parts of a multipolygon relation, most notably the Lukanga Swamp, as the patches of water show at zoom levels before the dark green background shows, in OSM the green of the swamp shows at lower zoom levels, before the water. This is a minor niggle though and I think your style works well. Lukanga Swamp lies almost dead centre of Zambia just to the west of Kabwe and in fact is not a true swamp rather more like a wetland with reed beds.


Kind regards,



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Yes. Thanks to all who contribute to this tool.


Your work  that mimics the web layout is impressive. I will try to build a map of my country with that style an test it. Anyway, the OSM web style is a generic one, and for driving, or cycling, it's probably better to have a specialized map for that activity.






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I like to say thank you, to Gerd, Ticker and others who put a lot of effort in the mkgmap development.

With the new features for IS_IN and ‘Nearby poi’ it’s possible to make the maps much nicer.


The online tools for creating routes maybe better then what basecamp can do, but as soon as you want your gpx or route on your garmin device and experience the same nice layout, then have a look at my style which creates a “99,9%” identical copy of the https://www.openstreetmap.org/ layout.





Kind regards,

Joris Bo

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