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[mkgmap-dev] nearby POIs

From AnkEric ankeric.osm at gmail.com on Wed Apr 22 15:26:45 BST 2020

I forgot "continue" so there is NO restaurant rendered in my test. My test
has failed. But I didn't know.

What is rendered:
- internet_access=wlan
- tourism=hotel
- name=Gr8 & La Place Bodegraven
So there are already TWO (2) duplicate POI’s on top of each other.

internet_access=yes {name 'Internet ${name}' | 'Internet'} [0x2f12
resolution 24 continue]

If I add:
- tourism=hotel {set amenity=restaurant}
- tourism=hotel | tourism=motel [0x2b01 resolution 24 continue]
- I have THREE (3) duplicated POI’s: hotel + wifi + restaurant (I do believe
I do see a plate, spoon, knife and fork).


Best option: Ignore my request.
I have advised myself (and others): never use Garmin for Search.
In OsmAnd I can select which category of POI is to be rendered. So only
hotel, or only restaurant, or both, or none.
Garmin (gpsmap) will only find 50 poi's. OsmAnd will ask each time if I want
to extend search area to find more and more and more...
I could even find your favorite restaurant from where I am.
No address in OSM? Okay, wait a second, OsmAnd will calculate nearest

But also: I was triggered this morning by Mike using the word "MOVE".

And also: Is rendering two or three POI on top of each other considered to
be okay for mkgmap, default style?
Or should "we" prioritize? Set Level for POI ?????
Or should I switch to Oregon 600? Just trying to make a joke...

My conclusion for now: ignore my suggestion, but lets wait for Mike to
explain "move"...

Also if "we" should move Duplicated POI’s this should only be an option,
I can use this option because I don’t render names (except for important
names like rivers and city names, I like to know).
But rendering names and moving POI’s? I expect it to be messy or very messy. 
Garmin used to have an option "declutter". But not anymore, I believe. Not
gpsmap 64st.

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