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[mkgmap-dev] nearby POIs

From AnkEric ankeric.osm at gmail.com on Wed Apr 22 11:01:46 BST 2020

> Concerning your other examples; something similar could be done for
> Cafe/Bakery as this is quite common and useful, but I found there were
> far to many minor amenity= to bother with, so ignoring all but the
> major ones, you just get the POI for viewpoint

I make my own Map because and only because my priorities are completely
different to the priorities set by other Renderers: "ignoring all but the
major ones, you just get the POI for viewpoint".

During a bicycle tour we sometimes need a pause. When the grass is wet
(Anke) we will look for a bench (coffee) or picnic_table (lunch). I will
always search for a bench or picnic_table even by good weather. 
So even we have different priorities.
Therefore these POI's are Rendered (my own Map) in the most visible way. If
there's also a viewpoint, that's nice, but not first "priority", therefore
not major (IMO).
"Not many"? Last tour in East Germany we had to find out to search for
viewpoint to find a bench. Okay, one mapper only, but complete area was
viewpoint + bench. Which is okay, but not Rendered okay. Augh... I had
forgotten this is still not okay in my style! Amenity should have priority
(in MY Map).

Or Mike might resolve by rendering both. But for a "simple node" this is a
challenge. In a building two POI's are "ok", two poi's on a node are

You're priorities (in your style) are quite different from mine. Which does
not imply your priorities are not okay, but they are not mine.
I'm using MKGMAP meet my own priorities by my own map.

And Ger: I search for a POI if I (or more specific Anke as navigator on
tandem bicycle) can't see it on the map. But first we will look on the Map.
I will look at OsmAnd (and keep focussed on the road), Anke will look on
And again: my priorities or preferences are not yours. MKGMAP to resolve (my
assumption) and make both of us happy.

I should have a Rendering example in BaseCamp. Somewhere...
tourism=hotel {set amenity=restaurant).
And I should also send this Map to GPS? Or is BaseCamp "restahoteluant"
enough proof of concept?

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