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[mkgmap-dev] nearby POIs

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Wed Apr 22 09:45:04 BST 2020

Hi Eric

I disagree that coincident POI are useless, eg if
  [tourism=hotel, amenity=restaurant] were to generate:
  POI 0x2b01 (Lodgings>Hotel/Motel) and 
  POI 0x2a00 (Food&Drink>All)
then searching for either gives the correct answer - just what I would
want. I implement this in my style.

Concerning your other examples; something similar could be done for
Cafe/Bakery as this is quite common and useful, but I found there were
far to many minor amenity= to bother with, so ignoring all but the
major ones, you just get the POI for viewpoint


On Wed, 2020-04-22 at 01:04 -0700, AnkEric wrote:
> Mike:/ "handling the *removal* of *duplicate *POIs that are *near* to
> each
> other but *not coincident*."/
> Very useful! 
> In the Netherlands I was involved in a discussion:
> Set [man_made=windmill] on POI-address-node (is rendered by JOSM and
> links
> address to POI) or Set on building (a windmill is not a node, but a
> building, but building tag is not rendered by JOSM)?
> Now solution has become "simple": set [man_made=windmill] on both
> "POI-address-node" and on building. Win-win situation thanks to Mike.
> But... also...
> http://gis.19327.n8.nabble.com/One-object-has-more-than-one-POI-tag-H
> otel-Cafe-Restaurant-td5960958.html
> One object has (or should have) more than one POI-tags. Examples:
> - tourism=hotel; amenity=restaurant
> - historic=building; man_made=windmill
> - shop=bakery; amenity=café ("konditorei")
> - amenity=bench; tourism=viewpoint
> - amenity=bench; tourism= artwork
> Gerd: /"2) You can create *multiple *POI using the *continue
> *statement."/
> Yes, I can but now different POI's are on same location, which makes
> both
> POI's useless (mixed together).
> Mike:/ "<...> but the location of the *existing* point is *"MOVED"*
> to a
> point midway between the two points"./
> Question: Is "moving" a "different POI" on the "same object" an
> *extra
> option* to resolve "mixed together" POI's?
> I know: not using "continue" will resolve (Renderer should decide
> what's
> more important: hotel *or* restaurant), but also implies a loss of
> information.
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