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[mkgmap-dev] Default Style - dead conditions?

From nwillink osm at pinns.co.uk on Wed Apr 8 12:03:17 BST 2020

Hi Ticker 

Looking at you style file I noticed that there might be an issue  with the

(In fact it is found in the default style)

145	highway=motorway [0x01 road_class=4 road_speed=7 resolution 15]
277	(highway=motorway | highway=trunk)  & ref=*{name
'${ref|highway-symbol:hbox}'; addlabel '${name}'}

Under which condition will  highway=motorway be TRUE in line 277

Are we missing a 'continue' ? 

highway=motorway [0x01 road_class=4 road_speed=7 resolution 15 continue]

(Same applies for primary& secondary)
155	highway=primary [0x03 road_class=3 road_speed=4 resolution 19]
278	highway=primary      & ref=*{name '${ref|highway-symbol:box}' ; addlabel
	161	highway=secondary [0x04 road_class=2 road_speed=3 resolution 20]
279	(highway=secondary | highway=tertiary) & ref=*{name
'${ref|highway-symbol:oval}'; addlabel '${name}'}



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